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The Influence of Zionism, BBC and Iran

The Influence of Zionism, BBC and Iran

The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics, The Politics of Yellow Cake, Do They (The Zio-Nazis) Deserve the Gas Chamber?, Mossadegh - Stephen Kinzer - Iranian Democracy”? and BBC, the Barbarians and their beliefs and practices can not be ignored and must be analysed properly.

The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics

The long over due and a very dangerous theme like The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics was organised by the well meaning and good institution of Australia known as Politics in the Pub. Two decent Jewish persons like Dr. Peter Slezac and Michael Brull were the main speakers. Another good Jewish voice Antony Loewenstein, was also present at that event. He chose to listen and learn.

A questionable person who was my former friend Paul Reti who is of Jewish background was recording notes religiously at this event! The incident mentioned in They Got the Rights – You Don’t and Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt and Reti’s involvement in that incident alerted me about Paul and his true nature. Nonetheless he was sitting next to me. At one stage, in an unusual manner he asked me, “are you talking to Stuart”? I responded with amazement, “is that a question”? Reti probably likes to know who is talking to who and he definitely takes notes about such matters. He could even be reporting his note taking to others. I find this alarming and revealing all at the same time. I asked my question of Reti because Professor Stuart Rees and many other people present at that meeting are well known to me and we talk openly and regularly to each other, as the need may arise. Since Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt incident Paul stopped talking to me for a time and he has displayed his unjustified anger towards me also.

I have been emailing Paul and many other people about a number of issues concerning a range of subjects. Specifically, in that emailing I said to Paul, a number of times, “please let me know if I have written anything incorrect or improper”. Surprisingly he never wrote back to me or pointed out to me where he believed that I was incorrect.

Anyway, I was the second questioner at this event. It was a struggle to ask my question on the subject of, “Whether Zionism is worse than Nazism ?” that in turn is based on information available at, The Sacred Cow and my own direct interaction and discussions with Professor Clive Kessler at the ABC studio and Professor Uri Davis at Sydney University respectively.

Both Dr. Peter Slezac and Michael Brull were not pleased with my question. I understood their position because they themselves had been walking though a “minefield” and maybe I should have asked my question in a more sophisticated manner.

The Contributions of Peter and Michael were pertinent, factual, pragmatic and even risky for them. I think people of this nature and caliber can break the taboo surrounding the topic of Zionism and assist us towards peace and justice. However, self serving politicians of this world like the “Al haj” Hilary Clinton and the “Al haj” Julia Gillard are showing their willingness to dowse petrol onto the fire!

My lovely friend of Jewish extraction, Alice Beauchamp then commented and did her best to improve the situation. However, a few misguided, rude and arrogant Israeli supporters behaved with incivility and by doing so they demonstrated their absolute determination to act and continue to act in a very negative fashion without any justification in acting in such a way.

Apart from many of their disturbing acts they went further and at one stage they shouted, “…. Islam is the problem, ……”. They did so with absolute conviction and with clear zealotry. I then shouted back to them by saying, “So if your religion is valid and correct, how then is it that your religion is rejected by 99.96% of the people of this world? As this is the reality, how then can you therefore blame Islam which has a much stronger following and a much stronger uptake as a valid and correct religion than does yours? ” I said this so as to counter their illogical and negative behavior continuum.

Ultimately, I believe all human beings are equal regardless of sex, race and religion. I wonder when and how can we convince the Israeli power brokers to this way of thinking?

Faruque Ahmed

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Sources: Free America Now, Free Australia Now

The Politics of Yellow Cake

Further to "Mossadegh - Stephen Kinzer - Iranian Democracy" and Is their any connection with CIA 400 Million and Iran (U Tube)? The demand for fossil fuel will subside in the future and the demand for yellow cake (uranium) will rise aggressively. The politics surrounding the supply to the energy hungry world will intensify also.

Iran has got a lot of yellow cakes meaning potential and cheap energy. Russia, China, India and everyone one would love to have that supply of cheap energy but wish to acquire it in a friendly and businesses like manner. However, on the hand we have the so called “good guys”, i.e. the god fearing, human rights and democracy loving governments of USA and UK would like to get the yellow cake derived cheap energy from Iran by using terror and bully boy tactics. That’s why George Bush Authorized a $400 million plan to destabilize Iran back in 2007. Links such as Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter along with US Official: The CIA bribed Iranian government officials including businessmen, and reporters, and paid Iranians to demonstrate in the streets and BBC Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda are only a few more of the emerging evidences to support this claim.

Like Dr. Mohammad Mossaddeq the current President Mr. Mohammad Ahmadinejad is an honest person who does not have a big car, mansion or secret bank account. Both of them have enacted laws and other legislative mechanisms to empower the poor and oppressed of Iranian society. These activities and the stance they took must have angered the cruel and opportunistic outsiders and they are attacking and are in full swing at the expense of justice, fairness and the wellbeing of the Iranian people.

Mr. Mohammad Ahmadinejad knew all of these conspiracies and standard tactics. He could see them coming up ahead! As result, just after the election he went to Moscow, Beijing and New Delhi to ensure he had an insurance premium of a kind to counter against the USA, UK and Israeli linked “Triad”! Thankfully, many people in the West are waking up and they are foiling and spoiling the combined CIA, MI5 and Mossad plans by speaking out, demonstrating and acting against this wrongful interference.

Mr. Barack Obama appears to be choosing his words very carefully as well he has replaced his Adviser on Iran, recently. However, it is creating a huge amount of tension between him and the neo-cons who are still active within the current USA government administration. These neo cons are adopting a subtle form of manipulation and persuasion within this government to do things the old fashioned way. Time will tell us who is to win and who is correct.

Do They (The Zio-Nazis) Deserve the Gas Chamber?

Israel has openly and repeatedly expressed it's intention to nuke/attack Iran. On the contrary Iran never said it would demolish Israel, all this despite a totally false and vindictive Israeli campaign which was assisted by the BBC and other zionised media outlets.

It is perfectly natural for the Iranian youths to demand more freedom. It also true that as is often similar to any other theocratic regimes, the mullahs of Iran are misusing their power and many people are not happy! However, the current Iranian protests are not really related to the so called election fraud. In fact it is another rerun of "Mohammad Mossadegh and Operation Ajax" conducted by Israel and USA.

The spectre of Operation Ajax was clearly revealed and it lost it's cover when Israel and the USA openly questioned and attacked the Iranian election result just recently. Like many people I pondered and I asked myself out loud the question, "why is it Charles Manson should be taking care of Sharon Tate"?

Anyway, I have posted the article below at the Yahoo Q And A forum and it has attracted many honest and valuable responses. Yet, the Zio-Nazi cliques certainly appear to have murdered and censored this link just like they have a million other links/posts that I can think of! Honestly, I am sick and tired of these types of well orchestrated and systematic Zio-Nazi (Zionist/Israeli/Israeli supporters/Jewish) attacks on free speech.

Remember, like Dr. Mohammad Mossaddeq the current bogeyman Mr. Mohammaad Ahmadinejad has done many good things for his country and his people. Both of these identities did nothing for their own personal benefit. So why have they been targeted by the so called democracy loving humanitarian and god fearing regimes like USA, UK, Australia and their master Israel?

Faruque Ahmed

Moderator, Free America Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email: union_faruque@... Friday, June 19, 2009

Please watch this two minute documentary too.

Mossadegh - Stephen Kinzer - Iranian Democracy”?

Effects of ill-advised CIA plot in Iran still haunts U.S.
By John M. Crisp

11/27/06 -- - - (
SH) - Now that Iran looms on our horizon, here's a story that every American should know. Journalist Sandra Mackey tells it in "The Iranians," as does Daniel Yergin in "The Prize," his monumental history of oil. But the best extended version of the story that I've read is in "All the Shah's Men" by Stephen Kinzer. Although other historians have told this story as well, I suspect that the average American has never heard of Mohammad Mossadegh and Operation Ajax. To make a long story short:

Kinzer says that democracy dawned in Iran in 1891 when the shah's wives - he had a harem of around 1,600 - gave up smoking in protest of the shah's sale of the tobacco concession to the British. In fact, the shah, Nasir al-Din, sold concessions of all sorts - mineral rights, railroads, banks - to foreigners in order to support his extravagant tastes. But the shah's son committed an even greater treachery on his own country by selling the oil concession to William Knox D'Arcy in 1901, granting exclusive rights to Iranian petroleum to the British for a period of 60 years.

The unfavorable terms of this concession, as well as many other abuses of monarchial power, led to the Iranian Revolution of 1905, the diminishment of the shah's power, the establishment of a parliament and the beginnings of a democratic tradition in Iran. In the meantime, D'Arcy discovered oil, a resource that suddenly became enormously valuable when Britain converted its coal-burning warships to oil just before World War I.

Naturally, the British favored a friendly, compliant monarchy to balance the power of the parliament, which might have other ideas about the extremely unfavorable terms of the petroleum concession. They found their man in Reza Khan and staged a coup in 1921. Reza soon became the shah, a dictatorial leader who suppressed the parliament and fathered Mohammad Reza, who Americans know as the shah of Iran.

The succession of Mohammad Reza, a weak leader with the personality of a playboy, provided an opportunity for the parliament to reassert power in Iran, which it did, under the leadership of Mohammad Mossadegh, a well-educated eccentric who had opposed the shah for many years. By 1951, Mossadegh was the prime minister, and he had emerged as an international spokesman for a global wave of anti-colonial nationalism. He addressed the United Nations and appeared on the cover of "Time" magazine. When Britain refused to renegotiate the exploitative terms of its oil concession, Iran nationalized the petroleum industry, to Britain's great consternation.

The British hinted at an armed invasion and planned a coup, but were unable to acquire the cooperation of President Truman, who had more sympathy for the emerging nationalism of the former colonies than for the old colonial powers. Things changed, however, when Eisenhower became president in 1952. The Dulles brothers, John Foster as secretary of State and Allen as CIA director, both devoted anti-Communists, convinced Eisenhower to support a coup that would depose Mossadegh and restore the power of the shah to stand as a bulwark against the U.S.S.R.

Operation Ajax, planned and financed by the CIA and orchestrated by Kermit Roosevelt, grandson of Teddy Roosevelt, was pulled off in August 1953. Hundreds died. Mossadegh was sent to prison for three years and spent the last 11 years of his life under house arrest. Supported by the U.S., the shah became a dictator who controlled Iran with secret police and terror until he was deposed in 1979, when, some historians believe, the U.S. hostages were taken in order to prevent another restoration of the Shah, like the one that occurred in 1953.

Although most Americans never knew or have forgotten this story, many Iranians have not, and the effects of Operation Ajax persist. But the point of the story isn't to berate ourselves over an unseemly intervention into Iran more than 50 years ago. We should note, however, that the story implies that the current radical regime in Iran isn't inevitable, nor does it enjoy the support of all Iranians. Our diplomacy should be careful not to weaken moderates by overly demonizing the leadership. As bad as its leadership is at present, the country itself isn't inherently evil and it retains echoes of a short-lived democratic tradition in its past.

John M. Crisp teaches in the English Department at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Email: jcrisp@....

BBC, the Barbarians and their beliefs and practices

Saturday night into Sunday morning, two males and two females jumped in a taxi from a popular city location. Their destinations were Sydney’s eastern suburbs. From the driving skill and attitude they recognised the driver is an above average one. To make it worse he was listening to the BBC radio. The conversation between the driver and passengers commenced cordially then erupted in a competitive atmosphere!

Passenger: Aha, you are listening to BBC radio!

Driver: Yes, you know the old story with the BBC?

Passenger: Keep going.

Driver: The BBC radio started with two transmitters and in the German language so as to propagate British propaganda.

Passenger: And then?

Driver: They are now trying to present themselves as a serious organization.

Passenger: And you think otherwise!

Driver: Yup! While I was young I used to think the BBC was a great media outlet but now I found out they are the British Bullshit Corporation. I suspect the average person can’t recognize that.

Passenger: Please give us an example sir.

Driver: You see they have been saying that the former or reelected Iranian President said that he wanted to destroy Israel. I have been searching and found no evidence in support of such a claim. They also said, Mohammaad Ahmadinejad speech at the United Nation’s Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia was full of hate. Some countries went on to walk out of that conference because of his speech. A Google search will show the result of the same speech generates totally false and misleading information. A carefully concealed context of the speech and many other creative spins have failed to stop the public support of the President. Yet, the Zionised Andrew Bolt and Zionist Alan Gold hit below the belt on this subject. But now the media outlets are trying to undermine Mr. Mohammad Ahmadi-Nejad recent election victory tonight.

Passengers: May be the media outlets are right.

Driver: I don’t think so.

Passenger: I like his plan to obliterate Israel.

Driver: No I don’t like anything that resembles that thinking or is close to that plan, I love peace.

Passenger: Why?

Driver: You punch me, I’ll get a knife, you will get a gun, I’ll get a machine gun, …. Where does it stop? The peaceful way is a good way.

Passenger: Where are you from?

Driver: (who smelled a rat in the question) India.

Passenger: (demandingly) Where in India?

Driver: Calcutta (with an anticipation of a question like, “what is your religion” to box him in a particular corner).

Two lady passengers shouted then, “wooden spoon”.

Driver: Ouch, I am shutting up.

Passenger: You see, Ahmedinezad, Hitler, Stalin, …they should be in the one room, ….. .

The driver was ready to add the names of Netanyahu, Peres, Sharon, … but he refrained from adding them.

Passenger: You see, violence is good some time. Within the next two months, in one morning that Nezad will find out Iran is to be nuked by Israel and rightfully so.

Driver: I don’t think so as none of us have got the right to take the law into our own hands.

Passenger: You see, the Muslims and Arabs only understand that kind of language (he was shaking with anger).

Driver: I will keep myself out of this discussion because I do no support violence.

Passenger: Tell me why Muslims like 72 virgins?

Driver: What do you know about the Jews of Masada, Sicarii and Zealotry?

Passenger: We have won many wars.

Driver: Only the weak and wicked talk about war. I like free and robust discussion.

Passenger: You are having it now.

Driver: One fellow wanted to outlaw discussion about sex, religion and politics in taxis! We defeated him and later he ended up as the Chief of Staff of John Howard, now he is heading one section of the worldwide Mac Bank Empire.

Passenger: Do you think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or whatever is a hero?

Driver: No, I have offered a reward if anyone can prove, “Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he wanted to destroy Israel”.

Passenger: Do you want me to accept the challenge?

Driver: Please by all means.

Passenger: Do you watch the news?

Driver: Do you men the Foxy news?

Angry Passenger: You see, we Jews not only kill people, we also give tips. Put ten dollar extra (with an arrogant voice).

Driver: You see the Israel/Palestine conflict is not a conflict of religion. It is a conflict of land. So, please keep the religion out of this equation. By the way, do you have a map of Palestine and Israel as well as a peace plan?

Passenger: We should nuke the Arabs and Muslims.

Driver: Please don’t forget Karma! What goes around comes around.

P.S. Many part of this conversation have been edited out for space and relevance.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

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  1. Why do we have a media, USA, UK, Australia, Israel, ... and UNO deliberately anti-Iranian? They are human being too. They have every right to live and survive with dignity. They have every right to develop whatever they want.

    No one has to take permission from Israel and USA! No one is "chosen people", "superior race", "master race"!!