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Zionised American Terrorism

Zionised American Terrorism

Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon are victims of Zionised American Terrorism.



According to many credible sources, including the Scottish Herald, the self-appointed leader of the Free World had plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with or without September 11, Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction. It added to those plans a plan to control cyberspace (which fortunately at present is not manipulated and controlled like the mainstream "corporate" media) and to muzzle and control the Web. However, the new would-be messiahs of the modern day, the Ariel Sharons of the world, are producing mythical reports such as "Iran is supporting the Al-Quaeda" and "Libya is the quiet Arab country to watch and is developing nuclear weapons" and therefore it is okay to attack them.

In the midst of these criminal conspiracies and fertile imaginings a microscopic analysis is of paramount importance if truth is to survive.

Iraq-Iran War

Ten of the seventeen Arab countries had surpluses in the late 70s and such surpluses became a headache for the traditional financiers of the Western world as those countries were viewed as a new form of competition, which might cut market share! The traditional Arab leader, Egypt, was isolated for its "shotgun marriage" of the Camp David Accord with Israel and thus created a vacuum to be filled. The loss of the "golden goose", Iran, and its humiliation by the students of Iran, also made America desperate. The final `nailin the coffin' came when Zionist Israel declared Jerusalem its national capital backed up by the bootlicking Uncle Sam. This resulted in condemnation around the world. The CIA approached the various Saudi and Kuwaiti feudal lords and falsely warned them that their sheikdoms were getting shakier due to the rise of Islamist Khomeini and the so-called Socialist Saddam. Both of those states were rich, powerful and anti-monarchist. Therefore a conflict between these two was the only solution to their own [Saudi/Kuwaiti] security!

They both took the bait offered by the US and in turn advised Saddam to attack the post-revolutionary and weak Iran, which was vulnerable due to he "hostage crisis" and promised all kinds of assistance! Foolish Saddam went along, and realised the trap only when it was too late. He was angry, but conducted the CIA-orchestrated war with the assistance of the USA, UK and UNO. Remember the increase in Saudi oil production designed to ensure stability in the market at that time and their blessings for the continuation of the war.

However, angry Saddam was conned yet again by the US Ambassador April Glasby, another Zionist, resulting in the Gulf Massacre and Iraqi HOLOCAUST continuum.

The prime source of the modern day Middle Eastern crisis, Israel, was created by convicted terrorists through many unlawful means including terrorism, ethnic cleansing, racism, fascism etc. and has been in contempt of a plethora of UN resolutions, conducting genocide after genocide, war crime after war crime. Beside importing terrorism and suicide attacks to the Arab region, Israel has been guilty of hijacking Yasser Arafat's plane from the International Sky, the occupation of Lebanon, the Sabra Shatilla Massacre, the World Square conspiracy, the attempted construction of a tunnel under the Dome of Rocks, the mass murder of kneeling worshipers inside the Al Aqsa Mosque (followed by Sharon's calculated visit to provoke clashes) and the sabotaging of Palestine's economy, commerce, agriculture, drinking water, electricity and environment (assisted by seizure, curfews and the daily murder of civilians).

Consider too the Zionist involvement in the oppression in Kashmir, the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olev Palme, the arrest of Abdullah Ochalan, the dirty hand behind the Lockerbie air disaster and Osama Bin Laden (for details see "Osama" in Bangladesh Bulletin Board's `Open Board'). These are just a few example of the history of Zionist prejudice and bigotry in our time.

Yet Israel possesses many biochemical and nuclear weapons without any inspection regime of any kind and threatens to use them at any time! These people were in the wilderness for a few thousands years and survived due to the kindness and compassion of Christians and Muslims. They engineered their own sufferings during the reign of Hitler, who was perhaps similar in his action to the 12th century English King Edward, as supported by the narratives of many famous writers, both past and present.

Firstly the Iraq-Iran War, then the Gulf Massacre by the former CIA man George Bush, then 11 years of Holocaust in Iraq. Now his son Shrub wants more! The prime question is: how many civilians died in these conflicts and what was the role of the USA and Zionists?

So let's demand a War Crimes Tribunal (NOT A WAR) in relation to Iraq. Let's explore all of the above issues instead of having another war. Most importantly, let's ask: who has enslaved the USA? Who was responsible for two "red alerts" and the endless promotion of hate?

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A former nationalistically minded army officer was aided and abetted by so called democracy loving multi nationals to assume control of Iran so that they could satisfy their economic lust and greed. However when he dared to put the interests of his own people before the interests of the multinationals, they falsely promised to support his opposition who were western educated and influenced Iranian republicans. BUT those multi nationals kicked the ladder out from under those republicans and installed the last Shah of Iran just like his father before him.

They manipulated and milked him to the hilt and eventually discarded and abandoned him in favor of Ayatollah Khomeini. The upshot was the breakdown of the relationship between the Western countries and Iran. To this day Iran is viewed by the Western media as a pariah state, it's own civilian air line was shot down by the "leader of the democratic world", America, who at the time refused to assist innocent civilian victims. Some accounts even say Iranians could not go to rescue those innocent, civilian victims because the US Navy, inside Iranian waters would have shot them down as they had done before.

Right now the good Samaritans (?) would like to remove President Mohammad Ahmadinejad because he is no good for Iran! They also would like to unbolt all nuclear power plants and equipments of those natures so that Iran will remain peaceful nuclear free zone and Israel will be able to bomb anyone and everyone from North Africa to Indonesia!! To complete the game further, these democracy loving and humanitarian (?) countries would like to take care of Iranian wealth from the corrupt local regimes as good old British did before!!!!

The formula is very simple. British will take 85% of the Iranian wealth to England and remaining 15 % will be given to unworthy Iranians.

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The Suez Canal construction was started before Jesus (PBUH) or Mohammed (PBUH) but the work was halted because of the fear that such a construction could inundate Egypt. However, despite the opposition of the "good ol" British, the construction was restarted under French supervision. Finally, the canal was complete. The British advised the good "king" of Egypt to have a party for the opening ceremony of it's new asset. The King said, "I got no money for a party." The British said, "I'll give you some" (they gave him "peanuts") and thus in a way they became part owner of the Suez Canal.

The land of the Nile, the Pyramids, … gave us Geometry the Lunar Calendar and the Solar Calendar, …. . Yet, many in the west believe Egyptians are nothing but camel riders! This is thanks to the relentless anti-Arab propaganda over the last half of a century.

Egypt was bombed by the supposedly "good Samaritans" who engaged in criminal, wrongful and dirty actions in Iran and elsewhere not dissimilar to what they are doing in the present invasion/massacre in Iraq at present.

The Suez Canal construction was started before Jesus (PBUH) or Mohammed (PBUH) but the work was halted because of the fear that such a construction could inundate Egypt. However, despite the opposition of the "good ol" British, the construction was restarted under French supervision. Finally, the canal was complete. The British advised the good "king" of Egypt to have a party for the opening ceremony of it's new asset. The King said, "I got no money for a party."

The British said, "I'll give you some" (they gave him "peanuts") and thus in a way they became part owner of the Suez Canal.

Beside many daylight robberies the Suez Canal used to be run by the "white men" and poor Egyptians had only two kinds of jobs;

Polishing the "white mans" boots and

Polishing the floor!

Even Tug Boat operators used to be white!! The Arab nationalist, the late Gamel Abdel Naser, was sick and tired of such racism, fascism and thuggery. Finally, he nationalised the canal under proper international law. Yet, for that offence, Egypt was bombed by British and Israeli terrorists back in the 50s. They made Naser into a so called "Hitler of the Nile" just like they made Dr. Mossaddeq of Iran into a similar character back in 1953.

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They blamed the Libyans, imposed sanctions on that country bombed the hell out of it, sunk half of their navy and their personal (I suppose they are not human beings because they are only Libyans or Arabs) and demonised them there after. BUT what's this I hear is happening in the World Court in Hague just recently? How come the finger is being firmly pointed towards a botched up CIA operation which is more clearly exposed by a TV documentary called "Maltese Connection"??

After a mock judgment and a big amount of money extorted from Libya many former British/Scottish police and prosecution witnesses are talking about planting evidence and cover ups!

After so many years, the architects of the Scottish trial conceded the fact that the original trail was faulty and based on very shaky foundations! Finally, the victim of the schlimazel went back to Libya to die.

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The Paris of the Middle East, Beirut used to be the financial hub of the Petro-Sheikhs. Muslims, Christians and many other religious people lived there side by side for a long time. They are living together now and will continue to live together in the future. But, Beirut burned, Lebanon got the "terrorist nation tag", mighty American war ships bombed it relentlessly, pathetic American administration took side under the guise of a peacemaker and lost many of her children which amounts to a betrayal of the American constitution and democratic principles. Today, it is Israel's target practice range. But, why is it so?

Is it because the European money market dealers (mainly Zionist) wanted to get the full control of the petro-dollar? And for that reason alone Poor Beirut has to be destabilised or destroyed in order to cripple the banking system and money market. Most importantly, vast numbers of Palestinians who became refugees due to the American and European complacency in order to solve that justified or unjustified European disease or- a widow dressing exercise thereof; which was engineered and assisted by the Zionists, with the assistance of a part Jew, Hitler.

What else! That pest of this universe, the Zionist Israel, which was conceived by terrorism by the convicted terrorists, systematically expelled indigenous Palestinians, who had no choice but to take temporary refuge in Lebanon- and sometime caused headaches for that Zionist state. So, in order to secure that terrorist state called Israel, Lebanon has to be destabilised! Accordingly, mighty, CIA, MI5, Mossad, Israel and world-wide Zionist forces frantically engineered disputes inside Lebanon and thus in this way Lebanon burned for twenty years.

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  1. Short, laconic and accurate account! Narration of this nature will generate constructive debate rather than corporate propaganda regarding Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon and Egypt.

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